Saturday, 8 September 2012

Antoine de Favray and Turkish Women

'Turkish Women' (c.1754) by Antoine de Favray; Musée des Augustins, Toulouse

I had some difficulty choosing a painting today. When I found French painter Antoine Favray, born on 8 September 1706, I didn't like the images of his paintings at first glance but when I looked closer, I decided that I like this painting of Turkish women. I like the depiction of this private chat and love the clothing and jewelry. Favray was a private pupil of Jean-François de Troy and accompanied him to Rome in 1738 where De Troy was the director of the Académie de France. Favray became an official student at the Academy in 1739. He left for Malta in 1744 and stayed there for the rest of his career. He dedicated himself mainly to genre painting and portrait painting. The English Wikipedia page doesn't have a lot of information so I added the link to the French page and hope you read French.

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