Saturday, 31 December 2011

One year one painting a day

'The Dessert: Harmony in Red' (1908) by Henri Matisse, born 31 December 1869, died 3 November 1954; State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

The idea of doing another blog is a direct result from my first blog. I want to do something more with art but not something that is time consuming. Just to post an image of a beautiful painting with some added text. Actually, I found blogs that are dealing with one painting a day but these are blogs by real artists who display their art on the net to try and sell it. I wish I could do the same but I merely have to stick to finding images of art on the internet and post them here. I've decided to use the calendar as a guideline and make this a project for one year, 365 days. Every day I will choose a painting by an artist, who was born on that day, or died, or did something noteworthy. If I can't find an artist whose work is nice enough to do a post on, I will see if there is a historical event on that date that has been depicted in a work of art. It can also be a painting of a historical figure who was born on that day or died. I'm not really interested in modern paintings and that makes it a bit easier. Think about the numerous artists who painted Napoleon Bonaparte. For me it's also a way to get to know painters that I've never heard of. It could be that I have to deviate from the mentioned principles because I don't know yet if it's difficult to find a nice or beautiful painting every day. There's one principle that has to be met at all times: Í have to like the painting that I'm posting. I hope you will like it too!
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