Thursday, 27 September 2012

Edward Okun and The War and Us

'The War and Us' (1917-23) by Edward Okun; National Museum, Warsaw

Maybe I wouldn't have chosen Polish Symbolist painter Edward Okun, born on 27 September 1872, if I had more to choose from. But I really like today's painting. I tried to find more information on this painting and its symbolic meaning but I was unsuccesful. Even the information on Okun is limited (the English Wikipedia page doesn't really have content). He studied in Warsaw, Munich and Paris and lived in Rome for a long time. He had exhibitions in Poland, Paris, Berlin and Munich. I like this painting and its composition, the vibrant blue colour and rich decorations. I wish I knew what it meant and what the old woman is doing, lurking behind the couple.


  1. Hey, all I've found in polish is that they're hiding in this black coat from the war (blue dragons) but the war manage to sneak inside a bit (old woman). Also they're carrying the white flowers with some red edges (blood maybe). I also found that this is Edward himself and his wife. Cheers!

  2. Mesmerizing and mysterious. Love it.


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