Saturday, 3 March 2012

Guy Orlando Rose and Miss C.

'Miss C.' (date unknown) by Guy Orlando Rose; Private Collection

If I'd ask you to name an American Impressionist painter, you would probably not know any. Or would you? I found a painter for today's post whose work I already love. I had never heard of him before. His name is Guy Orlando Rose, born on 3 March 1867, one of California's most important Impressionist painters of the late 19th, early 20th centuries. He went to study in Paris in 1888 and a decade later, in 1898, he received an honorable mention at the Paris Salon. In the mid 1890s he went to New York and returned to France in 1899. He settled down in Giverny and lived there between 1904 and 1912. During that time he became highly influenced by the French Impressionist painters, mostly by Claude Monet. They even became friends. I like many of his woman portraits and he has also done a lot of landscapes, some of them really beautiful. My first thought was to post the portrait of the woman with The Green Parasol that is beautiful and stunning in colour. Then I found this one of Miss C. and was captivated by her green eyes and sad look on her face. So I basically cheated again but sometimes it is really hard to post only one painting. You should also check out his other paintings. To make it easier for you, click here. I don't know whether this is a complete list but it's certainly a lot. Most of it is in private collection though. What a shame! And I thought that I didn't like Impressionism as much as I used to!

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