Thursday, 8 March 2012

Ernest-Ange Duez and The Rebuff

'The Rebuff' (1874) by Ernest-Ange Duez; Private Collection?

Today's painter Ernest-Ange Duez, born on March 8, 1843, is unknown to me. Wikipedia only has a French page on him so it might say something about his fame. French Wiki gives 7 March as his date of birth but other sites give 8 March. He was trained at the Parisian ateliers of Isodore Pils and Carolus-Duran. He made his debut at the Paris Salon in 1868. His painting The Honeymoon (1873) caused a scandal at the Salon because of the depiction of two lovers in modern dress strolling through the forest. He painted both portraits and landscapes. I like this painting posted here, because it makes you want to know the reason behind the rebuff and the blue colour of the dress is beautiful. But unfortunately I couldn't find any additional information on the painting. It was hard to find its location. Apparently it's been put up for auction at some point. The link I provided for the biography in English, is of a New York gallery and the photo caption with this painting says 'sold'. So I guess it is in private hands.

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