Sunday, 16 September 2012

Franz Matsch and Leonardo Da Vinci Playing Chess With His Muse

'Leonardo Da Vinci playing chess with his Muse' (1890-95) by Franz Matsch;
Private Collection?

I chose this painting by Austrian artist Franz Matsch, born on 16 September 1861, for today because there wasn't much else to choose from. There was actually an artist with a bigger name and reputation available, namely Quentin Matsys, a Flemish painter, but the date of his death was not very clear, somewhere between 13 July and 16 September 1530, and there was more than one spelling for his name. Although I do like his painting of The Moneylender and his Wife, I like the one I picked by Matsch better. And it is nice to discover a small painter who is not very well-known by the public. I have to say though that this was the only painting that stood out for me. I didn't find much else that I really liked. Matsch was a painter and sculptor in the Jugenstil style who studied art in Vienna and collaborated with Gustav Klimt and his brother Ernst Klimt on numerous decorative wall paintings in buildings. He worked also on several private commissions. If you read German, you can click on the painter's name above. There was an English page but with little information. I could not find the location of the painting but found that it sold at Sotheby's in London in 2000 so I think it is in private hands.

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