Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Lorenzo Pasinelli and Erythraean Sibyl

'Erythraean Sibyl' (no date found ) by Lorenzo Pasinelli; Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica, Rome

Today's painter was quickly chosen but it took me somewhat longer to choose the painting because there are many that I like. The artist is Lorenzo Pasinelli, an Italian Baroque painter, born on September 4, 1629. He trained with Guido Reni's most talented pupil Simone Cantarini and after Cantarini's sudden death in 1648 he continued his studies with Cantarini's pupil Flaminio Torre. With the latter he worked briefly and unsatisfactory and there remains some difficulty in attributing the paintings of this period to his name. To read more about Erythraean Sibyl (because I did not remember who she was, despite my classical high school background), please click on the link. If you want to see more of Pasinelli's paintings, visit his Wikipedia page and there's also more here and here and here.

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