Thursday, 12 January 2012

José de Ribera and the Apostle San Andrés (St. Andrew)

'St. Andrew Apostle' (San Andrés) (1630) by José de Ribera; Museo del Prado, Madrid

A couple of years ago I visited Museo del Prado in Madrid for the first time and absolutely loved it. They have several paintings on display by the Spanish artist José de Ribera, born on 12 January 1591, and I was particularly impressed by the paintings that showed his apparent knowledge of anatomy. The painting that I chose for this post is a great example of Tenebrism. This is the style of painting used by Caravaggio. I know it as Chiaroscuro, extreme contrasts of light and dark to heighten dramatic effect. Ribera was a Tenebrist artist. I can't help but marvel at this anatomical study. What a piece of craftmanship!

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