Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Einar Jolin and Clo in a Bathing Suit

'Clo in a Bathing Suit' (1937) by Einar Jolin; Private Collection?

The Swedish painter Einar Jolin, born on 7 August 1890, worked under Henri Matisse in Paris. Matisse's influence is quite evident in the vibrant colours. I like Matisse and now I like Jolin as well. Jolin had studied in Stockholm before going to Paris. In the 1920s he travelled extensively in Italy, North Africa and Spain. Jolin's later style was less colourful and more naturalistic. I couldn't find the location of today's painting but found that it was on auction in 2011. It doesn't say whether it sold. If it did, it might be in private hands now. If you read Swedish, then click on the link above to know more about the painter. There was no other page than Swedish available. I'm inclined to think that if there's only a page in the native language of the artist that he is mainly known in his own country. I had never heard of him.

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