Sunday, 23 September 2012

William Clarke Wontner and Portrait Of A Beauty

'Portrait Of A Beauty' (1918) by William Clarke Wontner; Private Collection?

For today I had already drafted this painting by English portrait painter William Clarke Wontner, born on 17 January 1857 and died on 23 September 1930, so no time spent on searching for today's match. Wontner was part of the Neoclassical movement of which Lawrence Alma-Tadema was the foremost leader. I wasn't familiar with Wontner, but I had come across the work of English painter John William Godward while doing this blog. When I saw the images of the paintings by Wontner, they immediately brought back to mind the work of Godward. So it was nice to find out that Wonter worked with Godward while being under the tutelage of his father, and they became lifelong friends. They both worked in a style that became known as the Greco-Roman style. Depictions of beautiful seductive women against oriental marbled backdrops. When you see Wontner's paintings together, you can imagine it's a bit difficult to choose one painting, or simply choose one that stands out because they all look a bit similar. So I cannot really tell you why I singled out this painting because I could also have chosen this one or this one or this one. I just like the colours in this painting very much, the woman's face is beautiful and the scarf is exquisite. I couldn't find its location but found that it had been put up for auction at one point so it might be in private hands.

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