Thursday, 4 October 2012

John Joseph Enneking and Fall Landscape

'Fall Landscape' (no date found) by John Joseph Enneking; Private Collection?

For today I found American Impressionist painter John Joseph Enneking, born on 4 October 1841, and I'm happy about the discovery. It is nice to get to know more landscape painters and I really like Enneking's paintings. Especially since the season has recently changed, seeing his fall paintings (sitting on my couch with my little netbook in my lap) makes me somehow feel connected with the weather outside. I like the colours in today's painting, and the desolateness. Enneking got his first art lessons in Cincinnati and Boston. He earned his livelihood in business before committing fully to art. He spent some years in Europe, first in Munich and then studying art in Paris under Daubigny and Léon Bonnat. He also spent some time in The Netherlands. Coming back to the States, he established himself as a landscape painter, working en plein air. Occasionally he painted genre subjects. I couldn't find a date for today's painting, nor its location but found that at some point it was for sale at the Questroyal Fine Art Gallery in New York.

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